Goodnight my love I'll miss you so when o’er the clouds and sky I go to sleepful rest forever more in darken solace free of chore; released of burden, noiseless yet, cursed and bathed in last regret: passage of earned eternity without you here to lay with me.

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The Review

In a playwrite of the past, one recurring thespian none other. Despite the changes in the cast, supporting role was filled by brother. With dialogue on every page, he thrived in tragedies. Every scene he took the stage, played out each act with me. He performed just outside of the spotlight, so that my star... Continue Reading →

A Prayer

Now I lay me down to sleep I pray O'lord them you'll keep And if I die before I wake I pray O'lord my kids stay safe Happy, healthy, full of life Take care of them and my wife May they know I loved them with all my heart May I be with them always... Continue Reading →


It now is dark It is the night I once could see But now? no light I’m lost alone Nowhere to turn Hungry desperate Heart in yearn Just to see a glimpse Of someone’s face But it’s so dark Like I’m in space “Is anyone there?” Through silence I shout “Someone open the door!” “Someone... Continue Reading →

Dumb Heart

The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it? Jeremiah 17:9 We hear poor counsel In many a song Meant to inspire But leading us wrong Each chorus prompting Follow your heart When that is the reason We're all torn apart The heart is a liar It leads us astray... Continue Reading →

My Outrider

I look to my left what a comfort to see the scarred, rugged outrider who rides beside me steady when he's needed beauty to behold though his eyes reveal travel down long weary roads he chokes pain down like whiskey he's tougher than hell no doubt he would catch me if ever I fell he's... Continue Reading →


All of these trials that you've put me through I was there but where were you? Tear stained whispers meant for your ears Of heart wrenching pain and clandestine fears Elated through troubles that I had found you A friend and redeemer to help me get through Shameless, I laid burdens down at your feet... Continue Reading →

I’m There, I’m Here

First steps and birthdays Holidays and worse days Funerals and family affairs But I wouldn't know because I wasn't there Hearts broke and bonds made Daily life and growing pains School clothes and high chairs But I wouldn't know because I wasn't there Hormones and growing up Soiled diapers and throwing up "Why'd he leave?"... Continue Reading →


We’ve been through a lot over the years Days that were happy days full of tears We’ve fought and we’ve loved we’ve laughed and we’ve cried Had frowns and had smiles had hellos and goodbyes There’ve been days when the good ones were too far apart When we desperately wanted to go back to start... Continue Reading →

Sweet Family

It’s been so long My Sweet Family A branch that was broken Fell from your tree The one that left you All those years ago Died while away When? I don’t know Like I don’t know you And you don’t know me But I know that I once knew A Sweet Family I never intended... Continue Reading →

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